Anyone, regardless of the size and age, can benefit from gaining some muscle while burning some fat, not only for the good looks, but also for the health aspect of it. Burning fat and lowering the body weight can make the difference in the health part, like better blood pressure, better cholesterol percentage, being fitter and more energetic. But for those lazy ones, (exercise or cooking) a diet can be reduced to the intake of calories and the most basic cardio exercises.

Fat burn will inevitably make it’s presence felt, when you eat less than your body needs, or when you burn more than you eat. The more you move, the better, because the body will use the stored fat for energy, and that way, it burns it. Eat less calories, get better results. BUT DON’T CUT the calories totally! The body needs calories to function properly.

But indeed some people…like I was, need an extra boost to make things happen, sort of a kick start in fat loss, so we can realize the potential and boost our motivation. Usually any type of diet can have results if you go with it properly specially for women, men add an extra 100 calories each day, in the form of protein or protein powder. Regardless of the diet.

Usually breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it kick starts your day and your metabolism. A friend gave me a few tips, and maybe they work for you.

First of all… test yourself if you are allergic to stuff like peanuts, nuts, powders…etc. Only then start to use whatever, so you know what to avoid if anything. Try to eat half a grapefruit, 1 slice of toast, not white bread, typically whole wheat or multigrain with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter for breakfast a few times. But, if you are allergic to say peanuts or peanut butter,  try almond butter or soy butter or sunflower seed butter, maybe hummus or pumpkin butter. And for a drink, have 1 cup of black coffee or caffeinated tea without sugar, cream, milk or any sweeteners (specially avoid aspartame)!! You can maybe use a bit of Stevie.

Please drink any amount of water, the more the better!

A bit of extra info…  green tea and coffee have thermogenic properties which means they help burn calories. Black coffee has the property to limit your appetite so it helps you not crave that much food…but I won’t advise to much of it, unless you want to commit suicide. LoL


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